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Maintaining health safely

Skin health can be reliably assessed using regular video documentation of moles. This modern form of prevention has a marked advantage: skin cancer, if detected early on, is 100 percent curable.

We prepare an exact catalogue of moles using video camera techniques and take additional microscopic images of suspicious moles. All data is digitally stored so that changes can be clearly recognized and assessed – for your well-being.

Since 1st July 2008, biennial skin cancer screening (whole-body examination with the naked eye) for those over 35 years of age is paid for by the statutory health insurance companies.

Incidental light microscopy and video documentation are subject to fees charged according to the GOÄ (medical fee schedule).

Modern preventive care for healthy skin!

knotiges Melanom

Direct light microscopes
Photodokumentation Molemax
Digital photo documentation
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