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Prof. Dr. med. Peter Kind

25 years of experience: Prof. Dr. med. Peter Kind is the head of the laboratory with his many years of international experience in dermatopathology.

Short biography:

1980 Graduated as a doctor in Frankfurt/Main, 1987 Specialist for Dermatology and Venerology as well as Head of the Histological Laboratory at the University Hospital Skin Clinic in Düsseldorf. 1992 Professor for Dermatology and Dermatopathology, Head of the Histological and Molecular Pathology Laboratory at the University Hospital Skin Clinic of the Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich. More than 100 publications in specialist dermatological journals and books since 1980.

Dermatopathological training:

One-year fellowship with
Prof. A.B. Ackermann, New York.

Furthermore, he has attended numerous training courses
with international specialists:

Prof. W. Clark, Philadelphia
Prof. C. Fletcher, Boston
Prof. H. Kamino, New York
Prof. H. Kerl, Graz
Prof. K. Lennert, Kiel
Prof. C. Meijers, Amsterdam
Prof. S. Weiss, Atlanta
Prof. B. Zelger, Innsbruck

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