Age spots -
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Besides birthmarks and freckles, age spots are another form of pigment disorders. They appear in the course of the ageing process.

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Nahaufnahme eines Frauengesichts mit Altersflecken in mehreren Gesichtspartien vor der Hautarztbehandlung.
  • Harmless manifestations of skin ageing
  • Gentle laser treatment
  • Short, one-off treatment

Age spots - What is the difference to sun spots?

The dark pigmentary disorders known as age spots and sun spots increasingly affect patients from middle age onwards. Sun spots are more visible on the face and hands, as these areas of the skin are more frequently exposed to sunlight. Age spots, on the other hand, typically appear on the upper body.

Age spots - Gentle removal thanks to laser

The modern laser treatment enables a gentle removal of sun and age spots. The application is usually completed in a session of a few minutes. Scabbing occurs after the treatment. No further treatment is necessary. The scab falls off by itself and after about four weeks the result is visible. After the treatment, light protection is extremely important.

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