Allergy testing - Tracking down the trigger.

The hunt for an allergenic substance requires almost criminalistic intuition. The connection between a foreign substance and an overreaction is not always clear. We understand our patients' burden of allergies and pursue the goal of getting to the exact cause with you through allergy testing.

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Nahaufnahme eines Unterarms mit Pricktest zwecks Allergietest bei Hautarzt Dr. Lindner in Frankfurt.
  • Most common cause: pollen, mites & pet dander
  • Search for less obvious triggers
  • Known standard skin tests or blood test methods

Allergy testing - The most common allergy triggers.

The most common allergy triggers include pollen, mites, animal dander, mold, food, insect venom or chemicals. In some cases, rarer and less obvious triggers are the cause of your allergy. During allergy testing, we get to the bottom of exactly what is causing your symptoms.

Allergy testing - what methods do we use?

In our practice we perform well-known standard skin tests for allergy testing: Prick, scratch and friction tests as well as intracutaneous and epicutaneous tests. In addition, there are various blood test procedures (RAST and ECP) as well as more advanced provocation tests.

  • Complaint-free through everyday allergy life – your personal concern. Our experienced team has extensive expertise in allergy testing. Talk to us. For a better well-being and for more quality of life.

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