Anti-Aging -
Against time

Already in your mid-30s, the first typical signs of ageing appear: grey hair, wrinkles, pigment irregularities and cellulite. Decide early on for the right anti-aging treatments.

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Porträt einer strahlend lächelnden Frau mit glatter Gesichtshaut durch Anti-Aging beim Dermatologen.
  • Visible ageing from the mid-30s
  • Anti-aging treatments slow down processes
  • Individual treatment concept

Anti-Aging - What does that mean?

Anti-ageing medicine primarily means keeping the body healthy and thus slowing down such processes. Furthermore, it increases the sense of well-being.

Skin ageing - as individual as anti-ageing counselling

When and how our skin ages is a very individual development. In addition to genetic conditions, external influences make a big difference in the course of a lifetime. For example, cigarette consumption and unprotected exposure to the sun have a strong effect on the ageing process. A healthy lifestyle with the right diet and early measures against ageing can help to delay visible skin ageing.

Anti-Aging - Treatment options

Our practice offers you a wide variety of treatment options, also in combinations. For example, with modern laser treatment, skin rejuvenation can be carried out without risk and without serious side effects. As a result of the gentle procedure, there is redness coupled with minimal crusting in the treated skin area. These effects disappear within a week.

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