Autoimmune diseases -
Regulate the immune system

One always speaks of an autoimmune disease when the immune system is not directed against invading germs, but against the body itself. A specific organ is usually affected, but the entire body can also be affected.

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ahaufnahme von zwei Probenbehältern in einem Ständer zur Untersuchung bei Autoimmunkrankheiten.
  • Usually a specific organ is affected
  • Early diagnosis prevents permanent damage to health
  • Better treatment success due to novel medicines

Autoimmune diseases - The advantage of early diagnosis

Early diagnosis is particularly important for autoimmune diseases. The great value of early diagnosis in autoimmune diseases lies in the prevention of permanent damage to health.

Autoimmune diseases - The therapies

In recent years, there has been encouraging progress in the treatment of autoimmune diseases. New types of drugs promise significantly better treatment success. The basis of effective therapy is to normalise the activity of the immune system. For your optimal treatment, we also maintain close cooperation with rheumatological colleagues.

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