Outpatient operations -
Operate competently and safely

Health is a matter of trust. In our modern equipped practice rooms, we perform all surgical procedures on our patients as outpatient operations in the practice's own operating theatre. We take care of your health competently and safely.

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Nahaufnahme eines Schälchens mit chirurgischem Besteck für ambulante Operationen bei Ihrem Hautarzt in Frankfurt.
  • Surgical procedures as low-pain, outpatient operations
  • Targeted, fast & effective interventions
  • Optimised suture technique
  • Sample examination in highly specialised laboratory

Outpatient surgery - A sample biopsy for reliable diagnosis

If skin diseases or skin changes cannot be clearly diagnosed, we recommend a sample biopsy, where a small piece of skin is taken for laboratory testing, to make an accurate diagnosis. The outpatient surgery is a short procedure with a local anaesthetic.

Outpatient operations - Which procedures do we offer?

Possible outpatient operations in the practice’s own operating theatre include the removal of skin changes such as melanomas, basal cell carcinomas, moles, lipomas and cysts, as well as the operation of ingrown nails, the removal of dilated veins and aesthetic operations with the best suture technique.

Examination in highly specialised laboratory

All tissue samples are analysed in detail in a highly specialised modern skin pathology laboratory, for example at Dermatopathology Offenbach.

  • Our experienced team has extensive expertise in outpatient surgery. Talk to us. For a better sense of well-being and a better quality of life.

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