Skin peeling -
Like new born

The desire for beautiful and smooth skin is the main focus of a skin peeling. The fruit acid peeling stimulates skin renewal and is recommended for the treatment of acne, impure skin with large pores as well as light-induced pigment spots and age wrinkles.

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Porträt einer Frau, die sich mit geschlossenen Augen nach einem Hautpeeling mit beiden Händen ins Gesicht fasst.
  • Peeling with fruit acid
  • Promotes skin renewal
  • Multiple sessions

Skin peeling - we work our way into the depths

Depending on the treatment goal, a substance is selected that penetrates to the desired skin layer. Peeling of the uppermost skin layers is possible with salicylic acid or low-concentration fruit acids. The treatment is carried out in one or more sessions – for a younger and fresher skin feeling.

  • Talk to us. Our trained team will be happy to create an individual treatment plan for you. You are also welcome to take advantage of our offer as a cosmetic treatment.

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