Acne and rosacea - We give you back a good feeling of your skin.

Acne and rosacea are diseases of the facial skin in particular. The symptoms are visible, which is why those affected find the disease additionally unpleasant. We help you to feel comfortable in your skin again.

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Nahaufnahme eines lächelnden Frauengesichts mit Akne-freier Haut. Die Frau fasst sich ins Gesicht.
  • Early diagnosis
  • Stage-appropriate treatment concept
  • Efficient drug treatment
  • Cosmetic-aesthetic add ons

Acne - What is it?

Acne is an inflammatory skin disease. It occurs in adolescents (acne vulgaris) as well as in adults (acne tarda). In adolescents, it is the most common skin disease in this phase of life. Most patients experience a mild course with skin blemishes and blackheads. In severe cases, inflammation occurs on the upper part of the body or face. If the wrong treatment is given, scarring can occur. Many patients suffer from these consequences for the rest of their lives.

Acne - The way back to healthy skin

Our experienced team has a wide range of therapy options depending on the cause, type and severity of the acne. In addition to drug therapy, acne should be professionally cleansed on a regular basis. A fruit acid peeling followed by gentle cleansing and a soothing mask is particularly suitable for this. In the so-called acne toilet, skin changes (comedones and pustules) are opened and then treated medically and cosmetically, e.g. by steaming, cleansing or a face mask.

  • Talk to us. Our specialists will be happy to draw up a personal treatment plan for you.

Rosacea - Feel good in your skin again

Our experienced team has a wide range of therapy options depending on the cause and stage of rosacea. In addition to the use of the vascular laser, we offer various medicinal and cosmetic treatments. Talk to us. Our specialists will be happy to draw up a personal therapy plan for you.

Rosacea - What can I do?

Rosacea is a common skin condition among adults over the age of 30. This chronic disease is usually well treatable. Various triggers such as vigorous physical activity, sauna, sun, spicy and hot foods or alcohol intensify the dilation of the delicate veins on the face and leave a permanent redness. This early stage of rosacea is called couperosis. As it progresses, rosacea can develop into uncomfortable pustules and papules. In men, this stage often leads to the so-called “bulbous nose” by developing knobby skin thickenings around the nose. These effects can lead to severe internal suffering in patients.

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