Hair loss - Together we can stop it

'Hair loss is a man's business' - a widespread misconception. Both men and women are affected. The causes of hair loss are very different. Together we will find the cause of your hair loss.

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Eine Frauenhand greift sich ins volle lange Haare. Eine Haardiagnostik findet die Ursachen für Haarausfall.
  • Men & women are affected
  • Trichoscan for reliable diagnosis
  • Medication instead of hair transplantation

Hair loss - Finding the cause

As part of the diagnostic process, we examine your individual medical history and question any family history of the symptom “hair loss”. For a complete analysis, we recommend a trichoscan examination. In this digital analysis of the hair root, the hair and root are gently scanned directly on the head, without any additional hair removal. The method measures the individual growth behaviour of your hair with the help of the Trichoscan special camera. The measurement provides information on whether your hair loss is caused by a disease.

In the case of inflammatory scalp diseases, the diagnosis can be made via a scalp biopsy.

Hair loss - Hair transplantation as a last resort?

A clear no. Many causes of hair loss can now be treated very well with medication. Of course, there are circumstances in which a hair transplant can be a solution. These circumstances can include aesthetic reasons or a great emotional burden caused by the hair loss.

  • Our experienced team has a wide range of therapy options depending on the cause of the hair loss. Talk to us. Our specialists will be happy to draw up a personal treatment plan for you. You can also take advantage of our offer as a cosmetic treatment.

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