Hair removal -
Taken at the root

Disturbing facial or body hair is not only a cosmetic problem for many people, but also a psychological burden. It can be a problem for men and women alike.

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Nahaufnahme einer teilbehandelten Hautpartie während der Behandlung zur dauerhaften Haarentfernung.
  • Gentle laser epilation
  • Small and large skin areas
  • Prerequisite: Dark pigmentation of the hair

Hair removal - opt for laser epilation

Permanent hair removal is performed in our practice by gentle laser epilation.

The laser method enables the treatment of larger areas for hair removal such as the bikini line or legs. Disturbing hair on the arms or back can also be treated in this way. This type of hair removal specifically reaches the hair root. Due to intensive cooling, the upper skin layers are not damaged. In order to gently achieve the optimal result, the complete treatment always includes several sessions.

Hair removal by laser - it depends on the pigmentation

An important prerequisite for permanent hair removal by laser epilation is the right pigmentation. For effective laser treatment, well-pigmented hair is required. The method is not successful with white, blond and red hair.

  • Our experienced team has extensive expertise in hair removal. Talk to us. Our specialists will be happy to draw up a personal treatment plan for you. You can also take advantage of our offer as a cosmetic treatment.

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