Maintaining health safely through Skin cancer screening in Frankfurt

Awareness of the risks of skin cancer has fortunately become firmly established in our society. In addition to the well-known full-body examination with the naked eye or the dermatoscope, we offer the possibility of video documentation.

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Aufnahme einer Videodokumentation eines Muttermals. Videodokumentation ist ein Add-on in der Hautkrebsvorsorge.
  • Painless whole body examination
  • Incident light microscopy
  • Video documentation as add-on

Regular skin cancer screening of moles can reliably assess the health of the skin. Skin cancer screening is an effective, non-painful examination that detects skin cancer at an early stage. This modern form of screening has a significant advantage: skin cancer that is detected early is 100 percent curable!

Skin cancer screening - video documentation briefly explained

In skin cancer screening by video documentation, we use a video camera to make an overview of selected moles and also take microscopic pictures of conspicuous moles. Thanks to the digital storage of all data, changes are clearly recognised and assessed immediately – for your safety.

Skin cancer screening - Which services are covered by health insurance?

Since 01 July 2008, the costs of skin cancer screening (full-body examination with the naked eye) for skin cancer prevention have been covered by the statutory health insurance funds every two years from the age of 35. The video documentation remains fully chargeable to the patient according to the German Medical Fee Schedule (GOÄ). Reflected light microscopy is partially subject to a fee.

  • Modern prevention for healthy skin. Our experienced team has extensive expertise in skin cancer screening. Talk to us. For a better sense of well-being and a better quality of life. Early detected skin cancer is 100% curable! We therefore recommend skin cancer screening.

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