Facial cleansing -
Porcelain clean

The traces of acne mean a reduction in the quality of life for many patients. Often, sufferers find the visibility of their symptoms unpleasant because their face is affected. With a facial cleansing we help you to feel comfortable in your skin again.

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Nahaufnahme eines Frauengesichts und behandelnden Händen während der Gesichtsreinigung für porentiefe Reinheit.
  • Complements drug therapy
  • Useful supplement for acne treatment
  • Can be combined with peeling

Facial cleansing - The complement to drug therapy

In addition to drug therapy, acne should be treated regularly. During facial cleansing, skin lesions (comedones and pustules) are opened and then treated with medical cosmetics (steaming, cleansing and face mask). Alternatively, a gentle peeling can be combined with the treatment.

  • Talk to us. Our trained team will be happy to create an individual treatment plan for you. You are also welcome to take advantage of our offer as a cosmetic treatment.

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