Allergology - Know more about allergies, suffer less

Allergies are a nuisance and can become a real burden with noticeable limitations on quality of life. Increasing environmental irritations and various other factors have led to a continuous increase in allergies. For your well-being, decide to have a detailed diagnosis already at the first signs. In our practice we offer all common allergy testing procedures.

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Blick auf einen Rücken auf dem ein Patchtest für die Allergiediagnose aufgebracht ist.
  • Initial interview
  • Targeted testing
  • Individual treatment concept
  • Controlled outpatient therapy

Diagnosis 'Allergy' - What now?

Following the comprehensive diagnostics, we develop an individual therapy concept for your allergy together with you. In doing so, we consider the diagnosis, available treatment options and your personal situation. The goal of your personal therapy plan is the successful healing or alleviation of your symptoms.

Diagnosis 'Allergy' - The treatment options

Within the framework of allergy therapy, there are various measures to choose from. Depending on the allergy, hyposensitisation or drug treatment may be the preferred therapy. The goal of each of our treatments is a cure or permanent improvement of the symptoms. Opt for a professional diagnosis if you have an allergy. Regain your quality of life!

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