Photodynamic therapy - Visible light against cancer

Photodynamic therapy is recommended for the treatment of precancerous lesions (actinic keratoses). Thin basaliomas can also be successfully treated with photodynamic therapy.

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Die photodynamische Therapie empfiehlt sich für die Behandlung von Karzinomvorstufen.
  • Treatment of precancerous carcinomas & basaliomas
  • Destruction of damaged cells
  • Healthy cells remain intact

Photodynamic therapy - What happens?

In the application of photodynamic therapy, the affected tissue is wetted with a photosensitizer. After a longer exposure time, the area is irradiated with visible light and the damaged cells are destroyed. The great advantage of this therapy method is that the healthy cells remain intact during the treatment.

Photodynamic therapy - We will be happy to advise you

We weigh up with you which treatment is optimal for you. You can choose between cryotherapy, medical creams, laser treatment or photodynamic therapy.

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