Botox - Relaxing with botulinum toxin

Expression lines are best removed with botulinum toxin A, better known as Botox. Botox is a protein produced by bacteria.

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Nahaufnahme einer Stirn mit sichtbaren Falten vor der Faltenglättung mit Botox.
  • Optimal treatment of expression lines
  • Reduced or completely inhibited muscle activity
  • Effect: approx. half a year

Botox - Inhibit or reduce muscle movement

The injection of Botox into the facial muscles inhibits the transmission of nerve impulses that dissolve the contraction of the muscles and thus cause mimic wrinkles. Depending on the dosage, the movement of the muscles is completely inhibited or only reduced. Due to its mode of action, Botox is often used for smoothing the area around the eyes or in the forehead area.

Botox - Unlimited repetition possibility

For an optimal result, our practice offers you two treatments at intervals of one week. Botulinum toxin A works for 3-4 months, after which the muscle strength and wrinkle build up again. The wrinkle-reducing effect remains visible for up to 6 months. Repeated treatments are possible for an unlimited period of time if well tolerated.

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